" ASPHALT GLADIATORS "

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1.         Gene Barnett              1954 "SPOONFUL" Chevy - Green Metal Flake & FORD “T Bucket”, 1938 Ford Coupe "JUNE BUG"

2.         Phil Mason -                 FORD “T Bucket”, 
                                                  1954 Chevy    "LIL' HOSS"  (Royal Blue, 283 w/ 6 one,4-Speed, 
                                                                                                     Kelsey Hayes Wheels)  

3.         Doug Hyatt                   1932 FORD  “Pickup” (Chevy V-8) Primed

4.         Doug Patton                 1932 Chevy Coupe (Maroon)

5.         Dean  Anderson          "EYES"  1955 Chevy   "BLUE FLAME", 1951 Ford

6.         Guy Smith

7.         Jimmy Warren              1934 FORD 2-Dr Sedan

8.         Denny Phillips               1957 FORD 2 Dr Sedan, 1951 Ford

9.         Jack Keith                    Artist (Designed The Asphalt Gladiators Club Plaque)

10.       Jimmy Parham             1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe 

11.       Kenneth Jones            "BONES JONES"  1950 Chevy, 1946 Chevy Pick-Up

12.       Terry Gregory              1955 Belair 2-Dr Hard Top (327), 1963 Impala SS, 1956 Chevy 2-Dr Sedan

13.       Doug King                     "BABY FACE"

14.       Jimmy Helms                1953 Studebaker

15.       Roger Boyd                 1936 Chevy Coupe (Maroon)

16.       Bill Reynolds              FORD  “T- Bucket” (Olds Engine)

17.       Bobby Justice            1955 Chevy 

18.       Marlo Warren            

19.       Ronald Buchanan        Chevy  Impala

20.       Max Buchanan

21.       Charles Yates          "BALDY"   1952 Studebaker (348 Engine, Black Primed)

22.       Mike Pressley            1936 Ford Roadster                                           

In 1962 a car club named the “ASPHALT GLADIATORS” was established in Canton , N.C. When the club began they met in the old Fire Dept. & Court Room across from the Lamp Factory in down town Canton , N.C. Later the club rented a garage in the Green Hill area from Brown Lowe Burrell. The club existed until 1965. If anyone has information about the club or it’s members:     E-Mail    streetrods-online@hotmail.com or  rsuttonusa1@charter.net

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There has been some interest shown in reinstating this club, for info contact Roger Sutton:
 CALL:    828-648-6985  or e-mail   rsuttonusa1@charter.net or e-mail streetrods-online@hotmail.com


Roger Sutton discovers another "ASPHALT GLADIATOR" Club Plaque, "THE UNDERTAKERS" Club Plaque and a photo of the "INTAKES" Club Plaque.  As well as preparing the information on the "BLACK CAR GANG". Great work Roger.

                                                                  "ASPHALT GLADIATORS"

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1. Bobby Justice         1955 Chevy

2. Mike Carines           1957 Chevy

3. Jack Keith                 Artist (Designed The Club Plaque)

4. John Nelson              

5. Louie Summey

If anyone has information about this club or it’s members:     E-Mail    streetrods-online@hotmail.com 
or rsuttonusa1@charter.net


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It was quite a surprise to find the listing of our members on a web page tonight!!! wow..

I was a member of the INTAKES of Clyde, NC in the 1960's...what a surprise to find this listing of our members on the computer!!!!

I have posted it on our school web site.. Not sure that you want to know anything much but it was really cool to see that on a page!! THANKS

Pic of my 1955 Chevy hardtop attached (327/375, 4speed, blue metalflake)

Info about INTAKES

The INTAKES Car Club of Clyde was formed around 1963 and continued through about 1968. Vannoy Henson was our club adult sponsor and the club rented a club garage just across the side street from Clyde High School. I think the building is still standing today in 2011 and for many years into the later 1980's or longer, the "INTAKES" sign hung on the door. The INTAKES earned money for the club in several ways but most notably by selling car polish "Liquid 1st Class", Mrs. Leland's Rich Milk Chocolate bars, and bringing Gospel singing groups to perform in the Clyde School auditorium. The Club Motto, as noted on the candy bar wrapper, was "Dedicated to Highway Safety". Sarge Matthews (Charles' Dad) was somewhat of a 'consultant mechanic' for the club. At it's peak time, the club had 22 active members.

Thanks again for the page and the memories... candy bar wrapper pic attached.

INTAKE MEMBER 1960's Steve Leatherwood 



1. Charles Matthews

2. Johnny W. Hopper

3. Mike Miller

4. Mike Haney

5. Gary Lindsay

6. Dane Smith

7. Sammy Woodard

8. Robert Lowe Jr.

9. Gerald Ray

10. Jerry Haney

11. Steve Farmer

12. Joe Williams

13. Jimmy Mason

14. Steve Leatherwood

15. Reed Henson

16. Gerald Jackson

17. Jim Chambers

18. Doug Corzine

19. John Bramlett

20. Skipper Newman

21. Jimmy Soesbee

22. Steve Hardin

If anyone has information about this club or it’s members:     E-Mail    streetrods-online@hotmail.com 
or rsuttonusa1@charter.net

                                                             "BLACK CAR GANG"

                      Pisgah High Class of 1972 and existed through out the 70's in Canton N.C.

1.   Steve Edwards     1965 Chevelle SS (327), 1955 Chevy (327), 1937 Chevy (283)

2.   Roger Sutton         1970 Monte Carlo (350), 1966 Chevelle (283)

3.   JimmY Wilson        1964 Chevelle, 1967 Camaro

4.   Mark Pless             1957 Chevy (283), 1965 Chevelle (283)

5.   John Patrick            1957 Chevy (301)

6.   Mike Wood              1972 Nova SS (350)

7.   Billy Johnson            1967 Chevelle SS (396)

8.   Randy Snelson          1974 Nova SS (350)

9.   Gene Carver              1937 Chevy (283)

10.  Brad Messer             1970 Camaro Z-28 (350)

11.  Steve Ammons         1972 Chevelle SS (350)

12.  David Robinson        1958 Corvette, 1957 Chevy (327)

13.  Mike Murphy               1968 Chevelle SS (427)

14.  Tommy Hardin            1969 Camaro Z-28 (302)

15.  Ronnie Howard          1969 Boss 429 / Cobra Jet Mustang  

16. Mike Wright                 1955 Chevy  (396), 1969 Camaro RS / Z-28 (302)

17. Steve Green                 1956 Chevy  (427)

18. Steve "Punkin" Caldwell    1967 Chevelle (427)

19. Johnny "Whitlo"  Whitted    1955 Chevy (Small Block)

If anyone has information about this club or it’s members:     E-Mail    streetrods-online@hotmail.com
or rsuttonusa1@charter.net

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