Since 2004 Streetrods-Online has been adding photos to the rat rod gallery. As the controversy grew about rat rods, hot rods, streetrods, muscle cars, pro mods and customs, we started labeling the pages as rat rods and other cool photos. Visitors to the site kept sending in photos of their cars and photos of other cars they liked, and we still posted them under the rat rod and other cool photo pages. It seems lots of visitors took offense to their muscle cars, streetrods, customs and classics all being grouped together with unfinished cars and rat rods so no more rat rod pages will be published on the site but existing pages will be left as is.  As of  March 1, 2012 a new photo gallery will be started.
VISITOR'S RIDES " If it's got wheels it's COOL"
We already have lots of cars sent in that we have not posted as we were working out the details of the new gallery. If you want your ride added to this gallery e-mail photos to streetrods-online@hotmail.com 


Rat Rod definition:  A Rat Rod is a newly developed name for the original hot rod style of the early 1950's. A Rat Rod is usually a vehicle that has had many of it't non-critical parts removed. They are usually finished in primer or paints that are often period correct. They are very often a conglomeration of parts and pieces of different makes, models and after market parts.  The term "rat rod" was first used by the high dollar, show cars guys to describe the low-buck, home built drivers. Don't forget the roots of the hobby (streetrods), it was the little guy in a garage on a budget (with help from his friends) that started it all. If you call them HOT RODS, TRADITIONAL RODS, STREETRODS, or RAT RODS they are here to stay and are making a showing at auto related events across the country. These cars are a form or art and expression of their owners and builders. Now enjoy the photo gallery..........................

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