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1954 Lincoln Capri Rat Rod (unknown Gene Winfield car)

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Built by Jeff Nicholson,  Solsberry  IN, with the helping hand of Gene Winfield whom flew to Indiana to assist. "Betty" inherited from Jeff's father in her original state, started as a 4 door sedan. Now is a 2 door hard top with 56 Packard tail lights, 55 Caddie head lamps, 49-50 Merc back glass, and 64 Olds interior, all sitting on an Air Ride suspension. Funny tho the torch wrench shifter topped with a crystal skull seems to get more attention than the rest of the car. She has taken 1st place Rat Rod 3 years running at The James Dean Run in Fairmount Indiana. This lady is no trailer queen! Every show is a new adventure and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for taking the time to let me share our sweet girl with you! More than a Car she is a member of our family.

Kathy Sullivan & Jeff Nicholson
Wicked Ways Customs

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Here's some photos of my 2010 Camaro SS -"TOXIC". I've been customizing the car for the past (3) years and after adding a SLP supercharger this coming April and pushing out around 800 hp, it should be nearly completed. I own a toxic mold removal company and the paint is reversed colors of my company trucks. My son & I entered it in the 2012 Spring Grand Rod Run Car Show and won "Promoters Choice" trophy award.

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This is my 1935 Ford Pick up “Coupe”. Chopped, Channelled, 383 Stroker!  Great web page with all the rats!    Scot Haviland  Ontario, Canada

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Hey, my name is Frank here's a pair of rats I put together in the past 2 years, from scratch.... I'm 75 and still kicking just lub to play wit dem old cars...

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                           1948 CHEVY PANEL TRUCK ---- Richard Franey                           VW TRIKE                                                     CHEVY CUSTOM

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Hi I have an awesome S-10 'Mad Max' style rat rod like you've never seen before I would like submit to your website so others can check it out. I have attached a couple of pics. This is my personal truck, did all the work myself, and have never done anything like this before.  Thanks ...Jimmy Reid

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                                                       GARCIN  1949 CHEVY                   1963 C-10                                    1953  INTERNATIONAL      1965 FAIRLANE   STEVE CARPENTER

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Hope ya'll enjoy-------     PAPPABBY

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68' Buick Electra Deuce and a Quarter!     Brendon Fontaine

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Here's a few pictures of my '30 A. Sedan/Roadster

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John Sandifer, Ronnie Sandifer, ( Boogie Scott.. Hot-Rod Hall Of Fame member )    

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Thanks Greg for the "COOL" pics

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                                                                         GEEZER'S RIDE                                        SKEETER BOB'S  RIDE

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M-A-RZ  Rodz  build photos ----- Michael Liljenquist

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